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9 Months +

Moving and Doing – 9 to 24 months

Babies will learn to play with Lamaze toys in a very different way now that they are mobile. Their motor skills will be developing at a great rate so babies should now be able to start playing the musical notes available in some of the Lamaze toys and will be able to better play with the stacking rings and shape sorters. So toys that you bought when baby was much younger because of their textures and contrasting patterns and colors will become les useful now.

Lamaze Baby on the Go Board Book
Reading fosters imagination and the idea of different worlds. Through identification with characters in a book, children learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cooperation
£4.99 £5.99
Lamaze Bella The Bunny Hide n Seek Book
The Lamaze Bella the Bunny Hide 'n' Seek book comes with a fun toy for mum and baby to explore the bright, colourful pages and create stories together
£8.99 £12.99
Lamaze Carly the Cowgirl
Colourful activity doll with lots of different textures.
£14.99 £16.99
Lamaze Clackety Claude - NEW 2016!
Clackety Claude is a crab that features clickety-clackety-claws that move at the pull of a string. The multi-purpose clip easily attaches to prams and changing bags for fun on-the-go.
£6.99 £9.99
Lamaze Cow Chorus
Cow Chorus is sure to have you and baby laughing and smiling. This musical toy features three play modes: moos, bells or melody segments.
£18.18 £22.99
Lamaze Eddie the Elephant Tunes Toy
A great musical toy to excite your child and keep them entertained for hours.
£14.99 £23.99
Lamaze Elephantunes Toy
The entire range of Lamaze Toys and Lamaze Baby Toys. The Lamaze Elephantunes Toy is packed full with education for your child's development and skills.
Lamaze Fill Em Up Frog Toy
The entire range of Lamaze Toys and Lamaze Baby Toys. The Lamaze Fill Em Up Frog Toy is packed full with education for your child's development and skills.
£12.99 £14.99
Lamaze Franky the Hanky Whale
A great toy filled with colours and textures to awaken all babies senses.
£11.99 £15.99
Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Gym
There are three fun ways for your baby to explore Lamaze’s Freddie Firefly Gym. With brightly coloured pictures and patterns to encourage sensory discovery, baby will love to kick around lying on the mat. Baby can reach for the three detachable toys that are featured on the arch, strengthening baby’s eyes.
£25.99 £34.99
Lamaze Gym Playmat, Makai the Monkey
Grow with baby - position arm up for gym play then move it down for tummy time.
£34.99 £39.99
Lamaze Jungle Dreams Cot Mobile
Colourful, jungle themed mobile featuring 3 plush characters and a wind-up, musical mechanism.
£26.99 £34.99
Lamaze Logan the Lion Crib Soother
Attach it to the crib and let baby press the face to activate the sounds, spinning mane, and light.
£22.22 £24.99
Lamaze Mix and Match Caterpillar
Mix and Match Caterpillar is made up of eight separate segments that easily join together. Given a shake and a squeeze, baby can discover delightful squeaks and chimes.
£13.99 £19.99
Lamaze My First Doll Maisie
Gorgeously Soft, Cuddly doll with different textures to excite babies senses.
£12.98 £13.99
Lamaze My First Teddy
My First Teddy has surprise features in his paws and ears which teach baby to grab and squeeze refining their motor skills and also squeaking sounds to support baby's auditory development.
£11.99 £18.99
Lamaze Octotunes Toy
Fun Octopus which Plays Music when Baby Squeezes Each Tentacle.
£23.99 £31.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Bella the Bunny
Baby can feel all the different fabrics and textures and crunch Bella's colourful crinkle ears and chew on her knottie legs.
£9.99 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Huey The Hedgehog
Huey the Hedgehog is full of developmental features that are fun and stimulate baby's senses.
£8.99 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Makai the Monkey
Makai the Monkey is full of developmental features perfect for your little one who is learning new things every day!
£10.99 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Mittens the Kitten
Mittens the Kitten features colorful satin ribbon, patterns, textures and crinkle, baby will adore this cute kitten
£10.99 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Shearamy the Sheep
Cute little sheep character always ready for little hands to cuddle and play.
Lamaze Play & Grow Shiver the Sharpei
A great shaky soft toy that shivers and shakes when pulled. A great textured toy.
Lamaze Play & Grow Torin the T-Rex
A on the go toy for your little one to enjoy. Attach it and keep it safe wherever you go!
£10.99 £11.99
Lamaze Pond Motion Gym
Beautiful Baby play mat with textured toys and a gorgeous colourful area for all different types of play.
£29.99 £64.99
Lamaze Push Along Peanut
Gorgeous soft textured elephant toy perfect for your little one.
Lamaze Rainbow Glow Rosie Cot Musical Toy
Rainbow Glow Rosie is a perfect companion before bedtime. Her tummy lights up with soft changing lights and a soothing melody.
£18.99 £21.99
Lamaze Rainbow Rings Toy
Great stacking game for your little one. With different textures and colours to keep them entertained.
£11.99 £14.99
Lamaze Roll & Crawl Ball Toy
The entire range of Lamaze Toys and Lamaze Baby Toys. The Lamaze Roll & Crawl Ball Toy is packed full with education for your child's development and skills.
£14.99 £19.99
Lamaze Shearamy the Sheep Sleep Time Mobile
This mobile has two modes of play. Baby can watch the counting sheep spin to the soothing sounds in day mode.
£37.37 £39.99
Lamaze Sir Prance a Lot
Featuring colourful satin ribbon, patterns, textures and crinkles, baby will love this cute plush Lamaze pony, while mum will love its visual and tactile developmental features.
£11.99 £13.99
Lamaze Sit up and See -in-1 Activity Gym
A great 2-in-1 baby gym with all the features to keep your baby happy for hours.
£59.99 £64.99
Lamaze Soft Activity Puzzle Toy
Beautifully crafted and coloured activity book, shapes and colours and both sides.
£13.99 £19.99
Lamaze Soft Chime Garden Toy
Featuring a soft, tactile construction, easy for baby to hold, plus featuring musical chimes, lights and sounds.
£17.99 £22.99
Lamaze Spin n Stack Rings Toy
The entire range of Lamaze Toys and Lamaze Baby Toys. The Lamaze Spin n Stack Rings Toy is packed full with education for your child's development and skills.
£19.99 £21.99
Lamaze Take 'n' Tidy Activity mat
This activity mat is jumbo sized but can easily be taken on the go or stored away.
£24.99 £29.99
Lamaze Tilly Twinklewings Book
A day in the life of Luna the Unicorn. She has fun in the rain, flies in the sunshine & then it’s time for bed.
£7.49 £9.99
Lamaze Torin The T-rex Hide n Seek Book
Charming Soft Book featuring a best selling character Torin T-Rex.
Lamaze Turtle Tunes
From the brand that introduced the best-selling Octotunes comes Lamaze Turtle Tunes, an adorable plush turtle with a brightly-colored musical shell.
£22.99 £29.99
Lamaze Yo Ho Horace Book
Baby can explore the textures & sounds, as you tell them a story.
£7.49 £9.99