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Lamaze First Mirror

Stimulate your baby with this award winning soft mirror

Babies just love mirrors. The fascination of trying to work out who the other baby is will keep them occupied for ages. They will gurgle with joy as they play hide and seek with themselves, or try and spot you behind them.

The unbreakable mirror is securely fitted into a soft squeezable brightly coloured frame, with an opening flap that will keep baby amused. The mirror can be removed for cleaning, and the rest of the toy is machine washable.

The toy can be hung from the cot, or given to baby on its own. The toy includes Velcro strays, so you can fix it almost anywhere.

Surface wash only.

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Lamaze First Mirror

This toy is part of the Lamaze Infant Development System, professionally designed to give your baby the best start in life.

All Lamaze toys are designed in conjunction with Lamaze International, which promotes normal, natural childbirth and confident early parenting. Why not put your trust in the experts?

Buy now and give your baby the superior Lamaze quality!