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Lamaze Spin n Stack Rings

Spin the rings, stack them up, hear them play music!

Stacking rings are always a favourite baby toy, and now Lamaze have made a classic even better!

Switch on the stack, and the rings will spin around, accompanied by giggles from the base! Music plays when baby stacks the rings! The stack can be turned by hand, causing it to spin some more and play music.

The four rings included in this set are tough, bright and colourful, ready for years of stimulating play. As added features, they each have brightly coloured material additions to their edges, each in its own shapes, textures and colours.

As with all Lamaze toys, this set has been designed to stimulate and encourage your baby's development through play during the crucial early stages.

The stack is about 8.5" (21cm) high, and the four rings range from about 4" (10cm) to 5" (13cm) across. Surface wash only.

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Lamaze Spin n Stack Rings

This toy is part of the Lamaze Infant Development System, professionally designed to give your baby the best start in life.

All Lamaze toys are designed in conjunction with Lamaze International, which promotes normal, natural childbirth and confident early parenting. Why not put your trust in the experts?

Buy now and give your baby the superior Lamaze quality!