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Lamaze Chime Garden

Smiling flashing flowers will keep your child amused for hours!

One of the most amazing Lamaze toys around, the adorable Chime Garden features five flowers whose smiling faces are guaranteed to attract anyone to play - even adults! With their wonderfully sweet chiming tunes, these flowers are a guaranteed winner.

With three settings, this toy has many ways to play:

  • You set it so that when a flower head is pressed, that flower lights up and plays a chime. Each flower has a different note
  • Or why not set it to play short tunes? Press a flower head and all five will light up in musical harmony
  • If you fancy something more, the third setting will have the flowers flashing and playing longer tunes

Keep pressing the heads to hear different tunes.

Each flower features a different textured edge, and the flower heads can be spun for extra fun.

All of this is in the usual Lamaze bright cheerful colours, and with the same high quality that you except from the leaders in baby toys.

Approximately 20cm tall. Includes 3 AA batteries.

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Lamaze Chime Garden

This toy is part of the Lamaze Infant Development System, professionally designed to give your baby the best start in life.

All Lamaze toys are designed in conjunction with Lamaze International, which promotes normal, natural childbirth and confident early parenting. Why not put your trust in the experts?

Buy now and give your baby the superior Lamaze quality!