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Play & Grow

With Lamaze play and grow, baby learns as it grows.
Flipping Felipe Dolphin
Baby will love to watch Flipping Felipe flipping his tail! Pull the white clip to make his vibrant, patterned Dolphin tail flip back and forth. Baby can also discover his squeaker nose and crinkly fins.
£13.99 £14.99
Lamaze Cheery Chirpers Ostrich
A great toy for your baby to grasp onto with their little hands!
Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon
Simply pull on his chord and see his wings flip flap up and down!
£11.99 £14.99
Lamaze Freddie's On the Go Garden
Hidden under a patchwork umbrella that brings t.ogether a lively collection of different patterns little ones will love.
£9.99 £12.99
Lamaze My First Teddy
My First Teddy has surprise features in his paws and ears which teach baby to grab and squeeze refining their motor skills and also squeaking sounds to support baby's auditory development.
£11.99 £18.99
Lamaze Olly Oinker
Oink oink, Lamaze’s Olly Oinker is here to play with baby. A gorgeous little friend to love, he’s perfect for squeezing and cuddling. Baby will love his bright colours, patterns and textures, and his crinkly ears and feet are perfect multi-sensory fun.
£10.99 £12.99
Lamaze P & G Kerry Fairy
Gorgeous little fairy dolly for your little one to take with everywhere they go.
£7.49 £10.49
Lamaze P & G Morgan the Monkey
Soft play and grow Monkey with brilliant on-the-go clip for travelling!
£6.99 £10.49
Lamaze P & G Pupsqueak Toy
Pet his nose to hear him bark! Cute little Puppy sure to keep your little one happy with his smiley face!
£10.99 £12.99
Lamaze P & G Rusty The Robot Toy
A cute textured robot toy featuring ribbons, clinking and clanking.
£11.99 £14.99
Lamaze P&G Captain Calamari Toy
Captain Calamari featuring great textures and surprise mirror.
£11.99 £14.99
Lamaze P&G Marina The Mermaid Toy
Marina The Mermaid Toy is packed full with education for your child's development and skills.
£9.49 £10.49
Lamaze P&G Princess Sophie Toy
Princess Sophie featuring gorgeous colours and great textures for your little princess to play with!
£9.49 £10.49
Lamaze Pink Trotter the Pony
With eight different textures for your baby to explore with high-contrast fabrics to stimulate the senses sure to keep baby happy for hours.
£16.99 £22.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Bella the Bunny
Baby can feel all the different fabrics and textures and crunch Bella's colourful crinkle ears and chew on her knottie legs.
£9.99 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly Toy
Great colourful toy filled with different textures and sounds to keep baby entertained.
£11.99 £14.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Huey The Hedgehog
Huey the Hedgehog is full of developmental features that are fun and stimulate baby's senses.
£8.99 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Jacques the Peacock Toy
A multi textured toy with beautiful colours and a great link to attach everywhere you go.
£9.99 £10.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Makai the Monkey
Makai the Monkey is full of developmental features perfect for your little one who is learning new things every day!
£10.99 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Mittens the Kitten
Mittens the Kitten features colorful satin ribbon, patterns, textures and crinkle, baby will adore this cute kitten
£10.99 £11.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Purring Percival
Percival has lots of bright colours and interesting textures and ribbons for baby to explore.
£11.99 £14.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Shearamy the Sheep
Cute little sheep character always ready for little hands to cuddle and play.
Lamaze Play & Grow Shiver the Sharpei
A great shaky soft toy that shivers and shakes when pulled. A great textured toy.
Lamaze Play & Grow Stretch the Giraffe - Refresh
The Lamaze Play & Grow Stretch the Giraffe Toy - is full of education for your child's development and skills.
£11.49 £12.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Tilly Twinklewings
A new girly addition to the Play & Grow range, Luna the Unicorn brings some sparkle to baby’s stroller.
£11.99 £14.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Toots The Toucan
Lots of bright colours and interesting textures and ribbons for baby to explore.
£10.99 £13.99
Lamaze Play & Grow Torin the T-Rex
A on the go toy for your little one to enjoy. Attach it and keep it safe wherever you go!
£10.99 £11.99
Lamaze Sir Prance a Lot
Featuring colourful satin ribbon, patterns, textures and crinkles, baby will love this cute plush Lamaze pony, while mum will love its visual and tactile developmental features.
£11.99 £13.99
Lamaze Stacking Starseeker
Get ready to blast off with the Lamaze Stacking Starseeker. This colourful plush spaceship separates into 4 segments that baby can use to foster motor skills by stacking up, taking apart and putting back together.
£19.99 £24.99
Lamaze Yo Ho Horace
Turn Horace over - and over again - and listen out for the sounds of the sea!
£11.99 £14.99
Listen and match story time
Baby will love to see Yo Ho Horace in his very special book that’s perfectly soft for little hands to hold. Baby will love to hug Horace’s soft plush body. So many different textures for baby to explore, encouraging touch. Baby can discover pages that crinkle and squeak when squeezed.
£33.99 £39.99
Phillip Pelican
Keep your little one engaged and entertained for hours with the Lamaze Phillip the Pelican. This friendly bird has a surprise peek-a-boo mirror in his beak that is revealed when you squeeze his belly.
£11.99 £14.99
Spider in socks
Spider in Socks is a cute and cuddly little spider that you won’t mind hanging around. Pull down and watch him climb back up his rainbow web and vibrates with delight!
£7.99 £9.99
Waddling Wade Duck
Designed with development in mind, Waddling Wade is filled with engaging features that stimulate all the senses. Pull the white clip to make Wade’s duck feet waddle along. Baby can hear a chime when shaken.
£12.99 £13.99